This article describes the process to create a Template from the Template Builder Interface. A Template can also be created from a Chain using the Chain to Template wizard.

Enabling Templates

Templates should be an available option from the Integration Studio navigation menu. If the Templates menu item does not appear in the navigation menu, please contact to request that Templates be enabled.

Step 1: Add a New Template

To create a new Template, select Templates from the Integration Studio navigation menu.

  • On the Active tab of the Templates screen:

    • Click the blue plus sign

    • Click Create Template to add a new Template.

  • On the Edit Template dialogue:

    • Select a Folder to store the Template.

    • Specify a Name for the template.

    • A Description is optional but highly recommended as a way to provide information to other OneCloud Integration Studio users that may use the Template to create a Chain.

  • Add Template Variables by clicking the blue plus sign next to the Template Variables heading within the Edit Template screen.

  • Click Save to begin defining the Template steps.

Create a OneCloud Template

Step 2: Build the Template

A Template is built in the same manner of a OneCloud Integration Studio Chain. Specify and configure a Start Node Command, Event, or Trigger. Add and configure additional nodes to the Template. Connect Template nodes by creating a link.

There are several differences between building a Template and building a Chain. First, when building a Template, a Connection and Runner are not specified in the Command configuration. Connections and Runners are specified when a Chain is created from a Template. Another difference is that when building a Template, the Variable pane does not allow Chain Variables, Dynamic Variables, Workspace Variables, or Resources as inputs for node configuration. Instead, Template Variables are used in node configuration. The Template Variables are then mapped to Integration Studio components when creating a Chain from a Template.

Step 3: Publish the Template

Once the Template is built, click the Publish button. Once the Template is Published, any user with the ability to create a Chain will have access to create a Chain from the Template.

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