This quick-start guide interactively demonstrates OneCloud Integration Studio's (OIS) basic features independent of the various supported technologies. Loaded with some simple datasets, this is a great starting point to familiarize users with the OIS platform.

Step 1: Get Access to OneCloud

New Company

If your company is not yet registered, visit to sign up for a full-use trial of OneCloud.

Existing Company

If your company is already a OneCloud customer and you would prefer to use your primary OneCloud environment for this tutorial, please contact your OneCloud system administrator. This will ensure you are added to a security group with Workspace administrator access. Please contact if you require additional guidance.

Step 2: Get Started

These 12 articles will jumpstart the OneCloud Integration Studio experience. The estimated time to progress through the content below is one hour and 37 minutes.



Time (minutes)

Configure a Workspace

Set up an OIS Workspace and Environments by using our best practices to support lifecycle management (LCM) with the use of variables


Configure Connections

Create and enable Connections for different Environments.


Create a Basic Chain

Create and manage Chains


Promote a Chain

Use LCM to promote a Chain from DEV to PROD.


Copy a Chain

Need to leverage work from an earlier Chain? Use the copy action.


Tagging a Chain

Use tags to filter Chains.


Run Chain Event

Trigger chains within Chains.


Schedule a Chain

Schedule Chains for automated execution.


Setup Chain Security

Configure security to tailor access to OneCloud.


Monitor Chain & Activity Feeds

Use run history to see who ran what, where, when and how.



How to use and configure Iterators.


CSV Expressions

Review Regex, such as *, ?, ^, (...), and more.


Step 3: Go Further

Visit the collection of Building with Integration Studio articles to acquire further understanding of these topics and more...

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