The OneCloud ActionLink enables OneCloud to be invoked from an external Environment such as a web page or an embedded hyperlink. The link is a handy way to use OneCloud across a multitude of applications and quickly enable self-service automation as well as externally set runtime inputs that can be directly passed to a OneCloud Chain via a secure tokenized link.

📓 Only published Chains can be launched via the external execution link.

To access the link, simply select the External Run Link button in a published Chain. Once the link is copied to the clipboard, it can be used with various external systems to externally start a OneCloud Chain.

Runtime Inputs are Chain variables that can be set at runtime. When tied into an ActionLink, the variables can be set by a remote application and dynamically passed to OneCloud.

📓 The Runtime input variables are being used in the ActionLink URL.

Upon clicking the link, users are required to authenticate with OneCloud, which ensures they have access to run the chain. Additionally, they will be notified that they are about to run the chain so they can confirm this action. If OneCloud is tied into OneCloud’s SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO), then the user should not need to authenticate to OneCloud.

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