Add a Schedule to a Chain

In Chain Settings, select the plus icon next to Schedules to open the scheduling window.

Set Time Zone, Run Time, and Run Frequency

Based on the requirements, set the time zone, run time, and frequency for the Chain.

Set Date Range

To select a run start date and end date, choose the respective frequency, and select the dated from the pop-up calendar.

📓 Note

  • The start date field defaults to today's date for new schedules

  • To change the end date from a selected date to a 'no end date', simply click on the 'X' next to the end date.

Choose a Color and Disable / Enable Schedule

It can be helpful to set the schedule color to quickly isolate particular schedules in OneCloud’s visualized scheduler. Additionally, Chain schedules can be enabled and disabled via the toggle. This is especially helpful with Chain promotion.

📓 A newly scheduled Chain will not execute if the first execution is within five (5) minutes of being published.

⚠️ Chains that contain a Trigger Event in START position or on the pallet can be scheduled but will not execute.

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