Chain variables can be defined when editing a Chain. They can be used by all Commands within that Chain. They are particularly useful for adding a value used in many different Commands that change frequently. Rather than hard-coding values, define and manage a variable in one place. Any changes to the variable's value automatically update wherever it is used.

📓 You can an unlimited number of chain variables; but be careful! Too many chain variables and your chain will be complicated to manage. Also; each variable can be 255 characters in length.

Add a Variable

In Chain properties, select the plus icon next to Variables to add a new variable. Variables are key-value pairs that are commonly used to hold values that need to be set in one common location and repeatedly used in various Chain commands. Valid values include alphanumeric, special characters, and spaces. Once the variable is no longer needed, then simply use the “x” button on the right to remove the variable.

📓 If a variable is deleted

Any Command that uses a variable that has been deleted will see "Not Found" in a red oval.

📓 Variable Encryption

Workspace and Chain variables can be encrypted. Please note that a Workspace, Environment, or Chain administrator can toggle the encrypted option to view the value. This option is not available to non-administrators.

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