OneCloud Chains have the following primary Chain properties:

  • Name - The name of the Chain.

  • Description - Information about the Chain.

  • Allow concurrent runs - Enables Chains to be executed concurrently, which can be useful with Approval Workflow and run Chain within Chain.

  • Disable execution - Disabled the Chain from being executed.

  • Schedule a Chain - Trigger the execution of a chain based upon an established schedule.

  • Chain Variables - Create or maintain static or dynamic variables.

  • Chain Triggers - Trigger another Chain after the execution of the current Chain.

The Chain properties can be accessed when creating a new Chain or when editing an existing Chain.

To create a new Chain:

  • In the designated Workspace:

    • From the left-side panel, select Build

    • The default is Chains

    • In the lower-right corner, hover over the select blue (+) circle

    • Click "Create Chain"

To edit an existing Chain:

  • Select "Chain Settings" near the upper-right corner.

  • The Chain properties window will appear.

In addition to Chain properties, Chain notifications and Chain Outputs can be configured on the Chain edit form.

📓 Remember to republish the Chain when making changes.

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