Often times a OneCloud Chain requires variables to be set at runtime and the values used throughout the execution of the Chain. To support this requirement, OneCloud provides the ability to set Runtime Inputs.

The following types of inputs are supported:

  • Dropdown

  • Number

  • Text

  • Group (A group of inputs)

  • Array

  • Boolean

📓 Great Use Case

Runtime inputs are extremely powerful when combined with OneCloud's Integrated Workflow so that end-user responses can be collected and subsequently approved by other team members.

Create a Runtime Input

To add a Runtime Input Chain Event to your Chain, just click the (+) at the beginning of the Chain. Once the input is added, you can add variables that should be set at runtime. Currently, there is support for text and boolean inputs with future support for pick-lists. When you have completed filling out the required runtime variables, save the input trigger, and publish your Chain.

Use a Runtime Input

When executing a Chain that includes a Runtime Input, the Chain execution will pause at the onset of execution and wait for an end-user to add variable values.

📓 OneCloud ActionLinks

If a OneCloud ActionLink is used then the Chain will not pause if all the variables are passed in via the ActionLink URL.

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