Commands can be grouped together in order to facilitate iterating over a file or list and performing the same actions each time.

📓 Previously, users could select whether a group was serial or parallel. The Studio has been enhanced to achieve either result in the free-form chain builder.

Group Execution

When running a Chain with a group of Commands, the group will only be marked as "successful" if all Commands in the group succeeded or exited with a warning. If any Command in the group fails, the Command group will be treated as a "failed" result and will subsequently execute only Commands configured to run on failure.

Creating a Command Group

To create a Command Group, scroll to the bottom of the left-hand panel in the Chain Builder and either drag the Command Group card onto the canvas or double-click it to add it automatically.

Adding Commands to a Group

The Command Group node is slightly different than a Command, Chain Event, or a Trigger in that it has an extra "port" for connecting other Commands or Chain Events on the right. Connecting either a Command or Chain Event to this "port" will automatically add it to the group, and you will see a confirmation appear in the bottom right portion of the screen once the addition has been completed.

📓 Only Commands and Chain Events can be added to a Command Group. Trigger Events or other Command groups cannot be added.

Group Colors

To help differentiate between which Command belongs to which Command Group, you're able to specify a color for the group. Colors are assigned automatically upon creating the group, but they can be changed by clicking on the Command Group and clicking the color picker icon. Choose which color to assign to the group. All Commands and Chain Events within the group will match this color.

Toggling Visibility

To reduce clutter while editing, users have the option to hide the Commands and Chain Events attached to a Command Group. First, click on the Command Group to display the menu. From here, click on the visibility icon to toggle whether or to "collapse" the Command Group. When it is collapsed, the nodes or links associated with the group will not be visible.

📓 When toggling the group, the graph will automatically perform an auto-layout to ensure that all of the nodes are visible.

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