Linked Commands define the ordered workflow and provide outputs to the next Command. As Commands are added to the Chain, they will need to be connected in order for them to execute.

To connect one Command to another, first, hover over the port ( 🔽 ) on the bottom of a Command or Chain event. The cursor should change to a crosshair. Click and drag toward a port on the top of the Command being connected.

📓 Success as the Default Condition

When creating a link between Commands, the default condition is "success". This means that the next Command will run only if the previous one completed successfully.

When the drag operation is released, the Commands should be connected. If successful, a message will appear at the bottom right of the screen to notify of a successful link.

To edit a link, double click on the line. A dialog box will appear, providing the ability to define link conditions (success, warning, failure, or any) or to delete the link entirely. After an option is selected, the link will disappear, and the message will close automatically.

Unlinked Commands

Commands that are not connected to the rest of the Chain will not be visible when running a Chain. The Chain will still validate and publish but any unlinked Commands will not execute.

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