When Commands are created within the Studio, they are saved without requiring any immediate configuration or being a member of a branch in the Chain. The Command configuration only needs to be edited when the OneCloud Chain builder is ready to provide the details. Editing a Command does not only apply to new Commands. Any Command can be updated at any time that has been previously added.

Edit/Configure a Command

To configure any Command or Command group within the studio, either:

  • Double-click the Command icon; or

  • Select the Command in the Studio and click the edit icon

Both will open the configuration interface.

If a specific Command within a Command group needs to be edited, double-click the appropriate Command within the group to open its Command configuration interface.

Please refer to our documentation to learn how to configure different command types.

Saving Commands

It's always possible to fully or partially-configure a Command when editing. For partial configurations, you will see a notification of any validation errors that prevent Command execution. Simple click "Proceed Anyway" in order to save and work on the Command later. For Commands that have no validation errors and can properly execute, the configuration gets saved, and the Command now becomes eligible to be added to a branch connected to the Chain start.

📓 Invalid Command

Commands that are saved with some validation errors will prevent publishing your Chain if connected to the Chain's start. These Commands are marked as invalid in the studio for easy identification.

Identifying Valid Commands

Invalid or partially-configured Commands are easily identifiable via an invalid icon for each invalid Command within the Studio. These Commands cannot be executed in their current state and will prevent Chain publishing when connected to the Chain start.

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