There are a variety of reasons to use this feature such as when testing branching logic or to skip a Command during development.

How to Skip a Command

To skip a Command, follow these steps:

  • Edit the Command form

    • 💡 Double-click on the Command or click the Command and select edit.

  • Navigate to the tab with the skip icon.

  • Add Skip Conditions and select the desired result of the Command (Success, Warning or Error). To force the command to finish with a certain result, do not add any conditions.

📓 Using Variables and Outputs

When building skip logic, use variables with the expression. This feature is useful when forcing a result based upon an output from a previous Command (i.e. the previous SQL query produced 0 records and the command should then fail).

When choosing skip conditions, create logical expressions by adding "AND" or "OR" elements to the query. When using an "AND" condition, all conditions must be met in order for the command to finish with the desired result. If an "OR" is added to the query, then if any of the conditions are met, the command will finish with the desired result.

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