The selection panel displays all available Commands of the licensed BizApps, Chain events, and trigger events. Locate the desired Command by scrolling the section or using the search bar.

Child Commands must be accessed through the parent Command. For example, if a user wants to add a download file Command to their Chain, typing said term into the search bar would not yield a result. Users first just find the appropriate Command under Anaplan or Oracle Analytics Cloud.

Commands to be placed at the Start of the Chain may be double-clicked to be transposed into the starting position. Otherwise, add Commands to a Chain by dragging the icons from the selection panel onto the canvas area.

All Commands are immediately saved to the Chain. The configuration details and links to other Commands must be established. Using this methodology allows several Commands to be added to the Chain immediately without having to worry about specific configurations or the ordering of Commands in a Chain until the basic building blocks have been added.

Once Commands are added to the Chain, you can select the Chain Start Command, link Commands, configure Commands, etc.

Edit, Copy, and Delete Toolbar

When a mouse is dragged over a Command, a small toolbar will appear, enabling the Command to be edited, copied, and deleted. More on these subjects may be found in the links below.

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