Please see below a guide for selecting the NetSuite integration Authentication Type for Token Based Authentication (TBA).

Please be informed that integration using Token Based Authentication (TBA) requires the following values to be set:

  • Consumer Key

  • Consumer Secret

  • Token ID

  • Token Secret

And to use Token Based Authentication (TBA), the following things need to be done:

  • Enable Token-Based Authentication

  • Create Integration record

  • Create a Role and assign to a User

  • Create an Access Token for the Integration record, User, and Role

See how to enable Token Based Authentication (TBA) easily below:

  • Go to Setup ➡️ Company ➡️ Enable Features ➡️ Suite Cloud ➡️ Manage Authentication

  • Enable Token-Based Authentication

See how to simply create Integration Record below:

  • Go to menu Setup ➡️ Integrations ➡️ Manage Integrations

  • Tap the New button

  • Set the name to "OneCloud Integration". Please make sure to tick the Token-Based Authentication option.

  • If you already have an integration record for OneCloud you can reuse it by editing the integration and tick the Token-Based Authentication option.

  • Please copy Consumer Key and Consumer secret values to be used in OneCloud NetSuite configuration.

Please take note that Consumer Key and Consumer Secret values are displayed only once so please make sure you copy them before going to another page.

After the above steps are completed, you can now use the Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, Token ID, and Token Secret in the OneCloud Connection Manager.

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