OneCloud is happy to announce three new powerful features plus many user experience enhancements to improve your ability to connect and automate your applications. These new features have been added based on your feedback and use of the OneCloud platform. We hope that by leveraging these new features, you can streamline your Chains, minimize the amount of branching and have better insight into the automations within your OneCloud environment. Please read on to learn more about this release.

Conditional Branching

Users now have even more power to control when commands are executed with the introduction of conditional branching. You're now able to build conditional logic to compare values, which can help decide whether or not a command should be executed. Though we think it will be helpful to reduce the size and complexity of your OneCloud chains, it can be extended to handle even the most complicated edge cases by providing the ability to group and nest conditions. Be sure to have a look at our documentation for more details on setup and use cases. Learn more here.


Email notifications can now be delivered from your commands and chains with no configuration required. Simply select when you want it to be delivered (i.e. when a command fails), choose who should receive the notification, and save. Notifications are delivered automatically throughout the course of a running chain, alerting you to failures or simply reminding you that a chain has finished. Later this summer we will be extending this functionality to integrate with Slack. Be sure to check out the documentation on notifications.

Dynamic Variables

Users can now add an event to their chains to set a dynamic variable. This value can be persisted across runs of a chain, and it can be useful for keeping track of a value in recurring chains. For example, you can execute a query to search for records after a certain date, which can be set and persisted across runs in a dynamic variable. This is another feature designed to reduce the need for complex workarounds when passing dynamic values to your commands. Learn more here.

General Usability Enhancements

  • Exact runtime visibility - Better visibility to see who ran what and when.

  • An expanded set of system variables - System variables include values such as last runtime, run length and system data & time.

  • Command search - Add commands by simply searching for the command that you want to add

As always, feel free to reach out to with questions and feedback.

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