OneCloud will be making enhancements to the platform on Saturday, January 26th, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST. The platform may be offline briefly at some point during this release window. Once the release is complete, you can resume your work in OneCloud.

This release is a major release, with new features that we think will improve your experience on the platform, as well as some bug fixes and infrastructure improvements.

This release includes the following major features:

  • Runtime Inputs - When building your chains there is a new chain node available, Runtime Inputs. This will allow you to create a list of inputs that should be entered by the user running the chain every time that it is run via self-service. View the Runtime Inputs documentation.

  • ActionLink Authentication - Up until now, when using the External Run URL, or ActionLink, generated by OneCloud, there was no required authentication for the user clicking the link. Upon clicking the link, users will now be required to authenticate with OneCloud which ensures they have access to run the chain. Additionally, they will be notified that they are about to run the chain so they can confirm this action.

  • Enhanced Monitor Filtering - Within the monitor view, you can now filter chain runs by a variety of options. Among these options are: Chain Tags, Start/End Date, Run Status (Success, Error, Warning) and Chain Name. This will make it much easier to find a particular previous chain run or isolating errors that may have happened. The new filtering options are highlighted inside the red boxes below:

  • Connection Audit Trail - When viewing your connections, if there have been changes to your connection since creation, you will see an additional button next to "Edit" to view the versions. Here you can see a detailed list of when each change was made, and what those changes were.

Additional Platform Enhancements

  • Notifications now support HTML tags in the text of the email body.

  • Increased chain edit form size

  • We have also added various improvements to the user interface all of which will be fully documented in our full product announcement.

Each release contains minor enhancements, bug fixes, and (we hope) an improved user experience. Many of our best features and enhancements have come from customer requests, so if there's anything else you'd like to see in the platform, please don't hesitate to let us know!

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