OneCloud will be making enhancements to the platform on Saturday, February 9th, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST. The platform may be offline briefly at some point during this release window. Once the release is complete, you can resume your work in OneCloud.

In support of our functionality around human workflow and launching chains via external events, we've added some powerful new features to the platform.

  • File Triggers - Your GroundRunner will now be able to watch the file system and react to changes that you specify. For example, you'll now be able to create a chain that gets run whenever a new file gets added to a folder, or even when a file changes! Learn more about file triggers.

  • File Upload Events - A new facet to human workflow is the file upload event. You will now be able to add an event that pauses your chain and contacts an approver to ask for a file to be uploaded. You can then use this file in subsequent commands in your chain to build a powerful end-to-end approval process. View the File Upload documentation.

  • Dynamic URL Builder - Runtime Input variables can now be passed via OneCloud ActionLinks. This can be very helpful when passing values from a common user interface like an Anaplan Dashboard (via MAKELINK), Oracle EPM Cloud Action Menu, or from within an Excel worksheet. View the OneCloud ActionLink documentation to see this new feature in action.

  • Concurrent Chain Runs - A new option has been added that allows concurrent chain runs. This option supports simultaneous chain runs that use different Runtime Inputs during execution. We added this feature as it allows customers to use a single chain that can be run concurrently with different options.

  • Data Masking - Outputs can be useful for debugging while you're building chains, but we have now provided the ability to mask this content so they are never shown in the UI. There is a new organizational setting that can also be managed by command.

Additional Platform Enhancements

  • A new transformation option has been added to parse text as JSON. This allows outputs that are JSON strings to be transformed with OneCloud variable transformation.

Each release contains minor enhancements, bug fixes, and (we hope) an improved user experience. Many of our best features and enhancements have come from customer requests, so if there's anything else you'd like to see in the platform, please don't hesitate to let us know!

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