OneCloud will be making platform enhancements, Saturday, November 9, 2019, from 1 pm to 3 pm EST. OneCloud will be unavailable briefly at some points during this release, but all chains will run as expected.

Platform Enhancements

OneCloud Studio

We have listened to your feedback, and we are excited to introduce the new OneCloud Studio for faster and more intuitive Chain building. There is a new drag-and-drop interface to design your Chains, easily re-order Commands and Command Groups, and merge branches of your Chain into one stream. We hope the new Chain builder will improve your user experience, and we encourage you to share your feedback. For those who missed the November 6th webinar, here is a link introducing the new features. Alternatively, learn about the new release in five short videos:

Step #1 - Drag Commands on to Pallet

Step #2 - Choose the starting Command and drag it on to the “Start”

Step #3 - Establish connections between each Command

Step #4 - Set Commands properties

Step #5 - Publish and Execute

Confirm Chain Delete

This new feature will prompt for a secondary confirmation to type in the Chain name before it is deleted. Once a Chain is deleted, the action cannot be reversed.

Select Agent in Command

Provides the flexibility to execute on a specific GroundRunner or CloudRunner from within the Command configuration. This feature will reduce the requirement to create multiple connections for a particular BizApp.

Connectors (BizApps)

Convert Tabular to JSON

Convert CSV to JSON: The JSON BizApp will have the ability to transform a tabular dataset into a structured JSON array. In turn, this can be used as values in a Command or Command Group that uses an iterator. This opens up new possibilities for easily using individual values from your tabular data.
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Adaptive Insights BizApp

The latest BizApp to hit the platform is for Adaptive Insights. Users are able to export accounts, data, and dimensions in a convenient tabular format. In addition, you will now be able to import cube, standard, and transaction data.
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Many of our recent changes come from user insights, so please don't hesitate to drop us a line at!

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