OneCloud will be making platform enhancements, Saturday, January 11, 2019, from 1 pm to 3 pm EDT. There will be no downtime for this release.

Platform Enhancements

Stopping Chains from Chain History View

The ability to stop a chain execution from the chain history view is now available. This allows a prior chain execution to be stopped even if another instance of the chain was invoked.

Ability to Close Command Details

With this release, there is a new button to close the execution Command Details.

Connectors (BizApps)

Anaplan V2 BizApp

The OneCloud BizApp for Anaplan has been updated to support the latest Anaplan REST API 2.0 interface as well as authentication via CA-Signed Certificates. Enhanced documentation has also been provided.
Read the Docs
Configure a CA Certificate
Updated Quick Start Guide

Tabular to JSON

The OneCloud JSON BizApp now supports converting tabular data to a JSON array. A chain can loop over a JSON array using the iterator command. More information on this functionality can be found in the JSON BizApp documentation.
Read the Docs
Iterate over Email Addresses


Improved Chat Experience

A new chatbot has been launched to provide a more robust chat experience to OneCloud users. The chatbot has guided questions and answers to address common questions and problems as well as provide tips for documentation that may be useful. The bot will continue to learn over time in order to provide a robust, immediate support experience.


The following defects are fixed in this platform update:

  • No defects


Many of our recent changes come from user insights, so please don't hesitate to drop us a line at!

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