OneCloud will be making platform enhancements, Saturday, May 16, 2020, from 11 am to 1 pm EDT. There will be no downtime for this release.

Platform Enhancements

Chain Builder Auto-layout

The OneCloud Chain Builder auto-layout has been enhanced to provide a more compact layout of Chains.


The Chain builder has been enhanced to default the Runner for a Command to be the Runner of the previous Command. Additionally, a new creature has been added that allows the OneCloud administrator to set the preferred Runner within the Runners section of Administration.

Variable Transformation

Variable transformation has been significantly expanded to support operations such as Trim, TrimPrefix, TrimSuffix, Replace, Split, Capitalize, Titleize, PadLeft, and PadRight. These new functions expand the usage potential for Variables and further enhance Chain capabilities.

Read the Docs

Connectors (BizApps)

Tabular Transformation

The Transpose Command has been added to the Tabular Transformation BizApp to enable a dataset to be transposed along the column or row axis. This Command transposes the entire dataset and should not be confused with a pivot action that allows specific columns of data to be pivoted to or from rows or columns. A pivot Command is planned for a future release.

The Smart Filters Command has been enhanced to provide Not logic to text, date, and number-based filters. Additionally, number filters now support absolute values and text filters support a trim function. These new features provide the ability of range based number filters as well as text-based filters that can combine inclusive and exclusive filters.

Transpose / Smart Filters: Read the Docs

File Utilities

The Get File Command has been added to the File Utilities BizApp to enable files stored on the local file system to be used as inputs in a OneCloud Chain.

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The Array to CSV Command of the JSON BizApp has been enhanced to provide the ability to specify the delimiter of the Output generated by the Command.

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Various Tableau-specific Get Commands (e.g., Get Data Source, Get Projects) have been enhanced to allow query parameters to be specified.

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Relational BizApps

The various OneCloud BizApps that provide connectivity to relational data sources have been updated to include a new Get Table Definition Command that describes database table fields, field types, and primary or foreign keys.

Amazon Redshift: Read the Docs

Microsoft SQL Server: Read the Docs

MySQL: Read the Docs

Netsuite JDBC: Read the Docs

OneCloud JDBC: Read the Docs

Oracle RDBMS|ADW: Read the Docs

Postgres: Read the Docs

SAP HANA: Read the Docs

Snowflake: Read the Docs


Logo Updates

Some of the OneCloud BizApp logos have been updated to align with the new colors introduced by the recent OneCloud rebranding efforts. Read more about our rebranding here.

BizApp Deprecation

The legacy OneCloud Relational BizApp and the HFM BizApp that supported EPM version and earlier have been deprecated. The OneCloud Relational BizApp has been supplanted by the OneCloud JDBC BizApp which continues to provide access to RDBMS data sources. The HFM BizApp has been depreciated since the and earlier HFM releases have been out of support since March 2018. More information about the Oracle support timeline can be reviewed here. OneCloud continues to support the and 11.2 releases of HFM with the Hyperion Financial Management BizApp.


The following defects are fixed in this platform update:

  • Oracle PCMCS - Command success even on failed Load Dimension Data (Ticket #1752)

  • Adding square brackets [] around tables and column names causes the query to fail (Ticket #1496)

  • SSO User should receive an email upon being invited (Ticket #1726)

  • PCMCS job is successful, but OneCloud returns an error result (Ticket #1727)


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