OneCloud will be making platform enhancements, Saturday, July 18, 2020, from 11 am to 1 pm EDT. There will be no downtime for this release.

Platform Enhancements

Runtime Variables

Runtime Variables have been expanded to include the name of the Workspace and Environment as well as the name and email address of the user that executed the Chain. To support greater insight into accessing Command Outputs, the Runner installation directory is all accessible through a variable. Like all Variables, these can be used across various Commands as well as notifications. The Runner installation directory provides the path to a GroundRunner installation but is null for the CloudRunner.

Additionally, a Runtime User has been added to the Workflow Approval Event Approvers list. This enables the list of approvers to dynamically include the user executing the Chain without needing to modify the Approval Event.

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Result Text

A new Set Result Text Chain Event has been added that allows result text to be set or updated for Commands, Groups, or Chains as part of an execution. This functionality enables the text to be set or updated at any point in the Chain execution and for any Command or Group within the Chain including those that occurred prior to the Set Result Text Chain Event. The Result Text and Set Result Text Event are a powerful way for Chain builders to provide additional information about the execution of a Chain and to highlight specific execution details.

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Enhanced Output Interpretation

Commands now have an ability to interpret their own Outputs and set their result status based on the interpretation. Powerful interpretation capability including regular expressions (regex) can be used to evaluate the Command’s Outputs and multiple criteria can be defined using grouping, And, as well as Or logic. This new capability is an enhanced way to account for functional status as opposed to technical status.

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Runtime Outputs for all Commands

All Commands now produce a consistent set of Outputs; Execution ID, Status, and Status Code. These Outputs can be utilized for Chain development including Conditional logic, as well as, for Chain execution reporting.

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Connectors (BizApps)


Prevedere is a predictive analytics software that delivers insights into future business outcomes based on current economic and consumer trends. The OneCloud Prevedere BizApp provides the ability to tap into this valuable data to retrieve Forecasts, Providers, and Indicators, as well as facilitate the integration of client data into Prevedere.

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The NetSuite BizApp now supports the Search Records Command. Search Records is an enhancement to search record types when fetching Saved Searches. This functionality can be used on its own or in tandem with the existing Get Saved Search Data Command for complete parity with NetSuite’s Saved Search feature.

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The Workiva BizApp now supports the Publish Spreadsheet Command. Publish Spreadsheet enables the links of a Workiva spreadsheet to be published.

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The JSON BizApp Commands no longer require a distinction to be made between a JSON file and JSON text. The Object to CSV, Array to CSV and Validate Schema Commands can now accept either a JSON file or JSON text. This enhancement simplifies the use of these Commands. Any Commands currently using the Input Text field should be updated to use the JSON Data field. The Input Text field will continue to be supported for the immediate future but will eventually be deprecated.

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The following defects are fixed in this platform update:

  • EDM Request File Fails (Ticket #1932)

  • Iterate over JSON List is not iterating correctly (Ticket #1952)

  • Group does not iterate over a Conditional Event (Ticket #1962)

  • Connections and Runners not configured after promotion (Ticket #1964)

  • Able to delete Connections and Workspace Resources when used by a Command in a Group (Ticket #1976)

  • Google Drive Move File Not Working (Ticket #1394)

  • Tag Filter gets applied across Environments incorrectly (Ticket #1756)

  • Runtime Inputs Boolean Field value not displayed in Input log (Ticket #1911)

  • Chain execution fails and does not create an error (Ticket #1946)

  • Chain Builder versus Chain Execution views are very different (Ticket #1949)

  • Array to CSV unable to parse JSON when using sample output response (Ticket #1951)

  • BizApp panel does not refresh after adding a Command (Ticket #1930)

  • Record Count incorrect for Stack Files Command (Ticket #1963)

  • Unable to restart from a failed Node within a Group (Ticket #1968)

  • HTTP user-specified headers are receiving auto-casing (Ticket #1973)

  • Encrypted Workspace Variable corrupted (Ticket #1981)

  • Variable Transformation with PST timezone fails (Ticket #1982)


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