GroundRunners can watch the file system and react to changes to a file or set of files that match the filter. This feature allows Chains to be executed when a particular Event Type occurs to a file.

📓 Chain Triggers must be the designated Start Command.

⚠️ File Trigger events can only monitor local drives to the GroundRunner installation.

Command Parameters




Set the name of the trigger.


Optional information describing the trigger purpose.


List of GroundRunner Connections.


The directory to watch for file events

File Name Filter

A regular expression or exact file name that will filter only the events on file(s) that match this expression.

Sensitivity (in seconds)

The number of seconds to wait after a particular event has occurred.

Event Type

  • Create

  • Modify

  • Delete

  • Rename

  • Permission change

📓 File Triggers and GroundRunners

Only OneCloud GroundRunners support File Triggers. The File Utilities BizApp must be configured prior to the Trigger Event being visible in the command pallet.

File Trigger Setup Example

When creating a file trigger, the parameter Directory to watch for file events needs to be set. The input box actively reads the directory structure of the chosen GroundRunner and it is necessary to type each directory in its entirety before moving to the next directory. Once the desired directory path has been created, use the <TAB> key to move to the next field.

File Name Filters are always parsed using RegEx expressions. If the value entered is an exact file name but contains non standard [a-Z, 0-9] characters, they will need to be escaped to ensure proper parsing via RegEx.

Example File Names:

  • Exact File Name: TestFileName.txt

  • Exact File Name with escape characters:
    TestFileName[copy1].txt ➡️ TestFileName\[copy1\].txt

  • Wildcard: *.txt ➡️ .+\.txt

Run Example

In the following example, a text file is edited and saved. This event invokes the OneCloud File Trigger and the results of the change are subsequently viewed with a List File Content.

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