Configure a OneCloud Chain to execute when a new record is found in an Anaplan Export Action. Upon the trigger firing, the data in the new record will be available as an output in the Chain.

Command Parameters




Set the name of the trigger


Select the Anaplan connection

Anaplan Workspace

Select the Anaplan Workspace associated with the trigger

Anaplan Model

Select the Anaplan Model associated with the trigger

Anaplan Export

Select the Anaplan Export Action associated with the trigger

Export ID Column

Select the column with the unique ID. Example: "Row ID"

Tigger Activate Toggle

Toggle switch to turn the trigger on or off

📓 Anaplan Connection Required

Users must have an Anaplan Connection created and configured to add this type of event. If the connection is not created, then this particular trigger type will not display.

📓 Anaplan Export Type

Only exports with a layout of "Grid" or "Current Page" are supported and will be available in the dropdown to select an Anaplan Export Action.

Anaplan New Record Export Setup Example

Sample Export

The following is an example of an Anaplan Export sample file.


#1,1,Monthly allocation,Monthly Allocation of G&A expenses
#3,3,Website Project,We will be having a consultant come in to work with the team on our SEO and drive more traffic to the website.
#5,5,Flight to San Francisco,Flight to San Francisco for $100, what a deal! Please let me know if this is approved.
#6,6,Engineering retreat to the Golang conference.,The team will hone their coding skills with Golang and share ideas with other developers.
#10,10,Monthly allocation,Monthly Allocation of G&A expenses
#11,11,SE Data Cetner,Build out of auxiliary data center in SC
#12,12,User Conference,Annual conference expense allocation

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