Notifications provide the name and status of a Chain (or Command), and a link to view it in OneCloud. In addition, the notifications may be customized with additional static or dynamic text along with an attachment. Furthermore, the actual email format can be customized using the email customization template designer.

Notification Considerations

When setting up chain and command notifications please keep the following in mind.

  • Notification Users

    Only users who have permission to view a Chain can receive notifications about that particular Chain (or Command). When adding users to notifications, only those users will appear in the list.

  • File Attachments

    OneCloud does not allow notifications on Commands that are run from a GroundRunner due to security concerns that a GroundRunner can potentially have access to sensitive files on an internal network that could become notification attachments. Conversely, with a CloudRunner, this is not the case and as such file outputs from commands can be safely sent.

  • Attachment Size Limit

    The OneCloud notification is limited to attachments that are 10MB or less. If an attachment is greater than 10MB, consider using the Zip Command of the File Utilities BizApp and sending the zipped Output instead.

  • Trusted Address / Domains
    The sending email address of the notifications will be:
    The registered domains of the email address for sending and relaying will be and

Chain Notifications

To start building a Chain notification:

  • Edit the Chain and click the mail icon to view the notifications form.

  • Click New notification, select Email, and fill out the resulting form. By default, notifications will be sent when the Chain fails, but alternative Chain statuses can be selected as well.

  • Multiple users may be selected from the dropdown list.

  • The email body text is customizable, and outputs can be added to the text by simply clicking into the text box and selecting a non-file-based variable.

📓 Notification Limit

There is a limit of 5 notifications per Command or Chain.

To delete a notification, simply click the red Remove button in the top left when the notification card is open.

When the changes have been completed, be sure to save the Chain.

Command Notifications

Command notifications are delivered automatically throughout the course of a running Chain, making it easy to check up on any failures or simply receive an update when a Command has finished.

The process for adding a Command notification is almost identical. Navigate to the Command where a notification needs to be added and click the email icon. The same form is presented as when building a Chain notification. One relevant difference is that non-file Command outputs can be added. If there is a need to add an attachment, then please use the Email BizApp. Alternatively, use the text command output to insert this output directly into the body of an email.

📓 HTML Tag

OneCloud notifications support HTML markup language in the notification email body. As such, feel free to use tags that insert line breaks <br> or use <pre> and </pre> to entirely wrap text blocks. This can be especially powerful in combination with the Handlebars BizApp that can dynamically build content that is HTML compliant. Please see these instructions for using Handlebars to build a tabular list that can be inserted into the body of an email.

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