Only OneCloud administrators may connect a PagerDuty account. The administrator will need the API token from PagerDuty. If necessary, please see PagerDuty's documentation for help on generating an API token.

To connect a PagerDuty account:

  • Navigate to the admin section of your OneCloud tenant.

  • Select “Integrations”.

  • Click on PagerDuty to get started.

  • The admin should be prompted to enter the API token.

Once the value has been entered, the PagerDuty services available for usage with OneCloud notifications will be visible. The configuration is complete.

Users will then have the option add a notification to either a OneCloud Chain or Command. To set a PagerDuty notification:

  • When editing a Chain or a Command, click the mail icon to open the notifications tab.

  • Select “PagerDuty".

  • Users will be prompted to select the service from the available list.

  • Select the severity of the notification you would like to trigger and you’re all set!

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