OneCloud’s Slack integration provides a nice alternative to email notifications with daily, weekly, and monthly reports about Chain execution status in a particular OneCloud Environment. For users who subscribe to a OneCloud Slack channel, they are provided with updates that can help manage the health of their Chain runs. Each report includes the total number of Chain runs and metrics regarding how many Chains succeeded and failed.


It is easy to set up the integration between Slack and OneCloud.

  • Navigate to the administration section of Integration Studio

  • Select Integrations ➡️ Slack.

  • Click the Add to Slack button

    • A popup will appear to add the OneCloud Slack App to a Slack Workspace.

  • Once prompted by Slack to add the OneCloud App, a list of permissions will be displayed that the OneCloud app requires.

  • Click Authorize to establish the required permissions.

📓 About Personal Information

OneCloud will never use personal information in Slack. The permissions required are based on the ability to post messages to Slack channels and track if a Slack user has been linked to OneCloud.


A part of the Slack integration allows OneCloud users to get customized reports about their OneCloud operating Environment(s). Each report consists of three parts:

  • Environment - The OneCloud Environment that a report focuses on.

  • Slack Channel - The Slack channel to send the report to.

  • Frequency - Set the frequency of receiving the report.

To set up these reports, open up the OneCloud Admin panel, select Integrations, and select Slack.

📓 Administrative access is required.

The user ID must belong to the OneCloud administrative group to access these settings.

Slack reports are configured to run at 9am UTC, which for example would be 5am Eastern when adjusting for daylight savings time. The report also covers a full day in UTC time (i.e. 12am UTC on 5/7 to 12am UTC on 5/8). A sample of the report sent to Slack is demonstrated below.

Slack & Commands

Here are the commands supported by OneCloud:

Slash commands

A powerful feature of Slack and OneCloud offers a unique set of commands that can be used. For more information about slash commands, please read the Slack documentation.

Help Commands

This command will show the available commands that can be used within Slack.

/onecloud help

Execute Commands

This command executes a Chain from within Slack. If the Chain ID or Chain name are known, add this information after the `execute` command. If the exact Chain ID or name is not provided, then a list of Chains that match the criteria will be returned. To execute a particular Chain, press the Execute button to start the Chain.

/onecloud execute (ID or name) 

📓 Live Feedback!

After a Chain begins to execute, a confirmation message will be displayed. Upon completion, a message will be posted to the same Slack channel that a particular Chain ran and details about the Chain's status (success, warning, or error).

📓 Explicitly Execute a Chain

To explicitly execute a Chain, please use this syntax:

Workspace :: Environment :: Chain name

📓 Permissions Still Apply!

When running Chains from Slack, the user trying to run a Chain will only be able to see and execute Chains that they have access to.

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