Deleting a Connection cannot be undone - Not even by OneCloud Support.

If a Connection is no longer needed, it can be deleted assuming the Connection is not actively associated with any Command.

Verify the Connection is not in Use

The total number of uses for each Connection is displayed in a gray bubble near the top, left-center of the edit screen. If the Connection is not being used by a Command, then the DELETE button will be active and red. If the Connection is being used by a Command, then the DELETE button will be grayed out and will not be able to be removed.

Delete Button is Active

If the DELETE button is red, then are no active uses and the Connection may be deleted.

DELETE Button is Inactive

If the DELETE button is grayed out, the Connection is in use. Perform the following:

  • Roll your mouse over the disabled DELETE button and follow the prompt to "Show Chains".

    • 🏆 Clicking on the Uses bubble will also show the Chains.

  • Each of the Commands in the Current Chains list will have to be deleted or linked to another Connection prior to deleting the Connection.

  • Select the Command(s) to to be taken directly to the chain where the Command may either be deleted or updated.

  • While viewing the Chain, click on the Command and either edit or delete the Connection.

    • ⚠️ Be sure to make sure the new Connection has been established for the Environment or the Command/Chain will fail.

  • Once all the uses have been altered/discarded, the Connection may be deleted.

Delete the Connection

Deleting a Connection cannot happen accidentally. The three-step process is:

  • While editing the Connection, click the active DELETE button.

  • Type D-e-l-e-t-e

  • Click DELETE again.

Here, the Handlebars (Demo) Connection is deleted:

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