⚠️ OneCloud provides the following setup and configuration to help expedite use of the OneCloud Google Drive BizApp using a default deployment. Actual screens may vary depending on your Google Drive security access. If you uncover any differences in this configuration guide, please contact us at support@onecloud.io

Creating a Google OAuth 2.0 Client ID

OneCloud connects to Google Drive via the REST API. In order to automate functionality within Google Drive from OneCloud, you’ll need to create an OAuth 2.0 client ID. Please follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to Google API & Services

  • If this is your first time in this console, you will need to create a Project.

    • Click “Select a project” in the top left and a modal will appear.

  • From here, select “New Project” and a simple prompt to choose a name appears.

    • If you are part of an organization as part of your G-Suite, associate this project with the organization so that others will be able to access it.

  • Provide a Project Name and confirm the Organization and Location are set properly based upon the company.

  • Select the OAuth consent screen tab.

  • Set the application to Internal and click Create.

  • Add "onecloud.io" to the list of authorized domains - no other fields are required.

  • After adding the domain, make sure to hit Enter.

  • Click Save

  • Navigate back to the Credentials tab and click Create credentials.

  • Select OAuth client ID

  • Select Web Application and click Create

  • Provide a name for the ID

  • Enter the value of the Authorized JavaScript origins*:

  • Enter the value of the Authorized redirect URIs:

  • Click Create to access your OAuth Client ID and Client Secret

  • View the Client ID and Client Secret

  • After the Google Client IID is created, simply return to the Google API Services for future access to the Client ID and Client Secret.

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