Installation Steps

⚠️ Installation requirements

Requirements: .NET 3.5 or above is installed. If this requirement is not met, then please use Microsoft Windows CLI Installation.

  • Using Windows' default archive utility, unzip the following file downloaded from OneCloud:

  • Execute the file: GroundRunner.msi

  • The installer will ask various questions in the following sequence:

STEP 1: Click Next

STEP 2: Accept the Terms of Use

STEP 3: Set the Installation Location

STEP 4: Enter OneCloud Company Token

Step 5 - Proceed to the Next Step

📓 This will confirm Administrative privileges on the Windows operating system.

Step 6: Click "Yes" for the User Account Control

Step 7: Installation Complete

Post Installation Steps

Step 1: Running as a Service

Open the Windows Service Manager and start the GroundRunner service:

Step 2: Uninstall

To remove the OneCloud GroundRunner service simply use the Windows Apps & Features manager in the Windows Settings and uninstall:

📓 Always download the latest GroundRunner

If the OneCloud GroundRunner needs to be installed in the future, simply download a new copy from OneCloud and do not use a previously download versions.

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