Chain with Approval Events

Running Chains with approval events - a.k.a. integration workflows - enables Chain execution to pause and wait for authorized users to approve or reject any type of approval event that has been configured in a Chain. For maximum flexibility, an approval event can be inserted anywhere in a Chain and configured to include one or more requestors or approvers, parallel or sequential sequenced approvals, and automatic escalation after a set number of days.

An approval event pauses a running Chain that has been initially started in one of the following ways:

End-to-end Approval Example

In this example, an end-to-end approval process executes. Here is a brief summary of the short demo below:

  • A chain executes that first downloads a file from a remote service such as a list of journal entry changes or a capital expenditure request.

  • The data is transformed and summarized.

  • The Chain pauses to wait for approval from an authorized user.

  • A notification is sent to one or more approvers. The notification contains information about the request and any relevant file attachments.

  • The approver can then link to their open tasks where they can accept or reject and provide additional commentary on any open approvals.

  • The Chain completes the remaining Commands, and the approver’s response is captured.

  • A follow-on notification is sent to the requestor with the status of their request.

📓 The sequence of events highlighted above can be tailored to support virtually any business process and integration.

Dynamic Approval Update

If one of your approvers needs to be skipped or an additional approver needs to be added to a particular approval after the chain has started, OneCloud allows the approval to be edited. This feature is only available to users in groups that have administrative permissions for the workflow chain.

Approvals can be updated in the following ways without affecting the approval status:

  • Skip an approver

  • Add one or more approvers

  • Move the order of approvers

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