Platform Enhancements

Data Prep Transformations

The Filter transformations now provide a NOT condition which can be used to specify the inverse of the specified filter criteria. This provides additional flexibility in filtering rows from data processed by a Pipeline.

The Copy Columns transformation now provides the ability to specify the placement of the column within the Pipeline.

Data Prep Mapping Groups

Data Prep Mapping Groups no longer force a specific order for mapping rules based on the mapping type. Different types of Mapping Rules can be specified in the order required to address functional transformation needs.

For ease of access, Mapping Groups that have been favorited now appear on the Data Prep Dashboard.

Data Prep User Interface

The Pipelines user interface has been enhanced to allow the data grid to display the impact of the current transformation or the impact of the previously defined transformation parameters. This functionality allows a user to better visualize the effect of updates to an existing transformation.

Data Prep Columns

Pipelines and Mapping Groups have been enhanced to prompt a user to change any affected component when a column is removed from a Columns Definition. This ensures that Pipeline Transformations or Mapping Rules that reference the removed column are identified and can be updated.

Additionally, the Columns Definition pane is collapsible to provide a larger data grid or mapping rules viewing area.

Chain Execution View Enhancement

The Chain execution view now provides a visual indicator of the node for which the Input-Output-Logs panel is displayed. All nodes in the Chain that are not selected have increased transparency to draw visual attention to the active node.


Security groups that have been assigned read access to a Workspace or Environment now provide the ability to view the Workspace and/or Environment settings including Variables.

Connectors (BizApps)

Oracle EPBCS

The Oracle (E)PBCS BizApp includes a new Command to copy files from and to Oracle Object Storage Cloud. This Command provides the ability to transfer Oracle EPM Cloud artifacts from the Oracle EPM Cloud to Oracle Object Storage Cloud without a local download. This helps customers retain artifact snapshots outside of the Oracle EPM Cloud environment and provides retention periods longer than the default available in Oracle EPM Cloud.

The Import Data Command now supports the ability to specify an error file that captures encountered data load errors. This file is a Command Output and can be used in subsequent Commands within the Chain.


The Tableau BizApp has been updated to support up to the current 3.8 (2020.2) version of Tableau.

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The following defects are fixed in this platform update:

  • Null values showing as <nil> when using Google BigQuery

  • Essbase 19c Dim Build logs do not reflect accurate job status

  • Large outputs can cause Script Runner commands to fail

  • Data Prep Find and Replace transformation requires a replacement value

  • Command Group Loop causing unexpected results

  • Dropdown doesn’t populate available Pipelines in the Data Prep Run Pipelines Command

  • Fields in Conditionals truncate the display of long values at run time

  • Chain Enabled/Disabled filter not filtering correctly

  • Duplicate Chains created during promotion

  • Netsuite saved search operation fails

  • File watcher creates duplicate executions

  • ASO to Tabular produces incorrect results


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