The OneCloud Tableau BizApp provides Tableau administrators and users the ability to automate and connect Tableau with a range of applications, including Anaplan, Hyperion Financial Management, and IBM Cognos Planning Analytics Cloud (TM1), SAP, and more. Dynamically refresh Tableau reports (legacy or new formats), with integrated end-user access management and support for Tableau cloud and on-premise editions.

Connection Setup

OneCloud connects to both the on-premise and cloud version of Tableau via the REST API and does not require anything specialized except connectivity to the service. OneCloud is compatible with the following versions of Tableau:

  • 8.3

  • 9.x

  • 10.x

  • 2018.x

  • 2019.x

  • 2020.1

  • 2020.2 (current)

  • Tableau Online

If you require support for other versions of Tableau, please contact

To automate Tableau functionality with OneCloud, navigate to the Connection manager to create a Connection. From here, choose Tableau from the service drop-down, select the appropriate Runner, and use the Tableau Connection Parameters to complete the setup.

Connection Example

The following is an example of a working Connection. Please substitute your own values.

⚠️ This BizApp requires the installation of a Java runtime. For best system compatibility please install Java 8.

💡 Remember to activate the Connection for the desired Environments.

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