The OneCloud SAP RFC BizApp enables OneCloud to execute remote function calls on an SAP instance natively. These functions are highly flexible and can interface with various operations, including SAP BAPI programs and streaming MDX data extraction queries. Combining the ability to automated RFC operations in combination with other application integration allows OneCloud customers to tightly integrate their integration and automation operations across a broader ecosystem.

Connection Setup

To automate functionality within your SAP RFC environment from OneCloud, you’ll need to navigate to the connection manager to create a connection.

From here, choose SAP BAPI RFC from the service drop-down, select the appropriate Runner, and use the SAP HANA JDBC Connection Parameters to complete the setup.

📓 SAP RFC Web Services

Please make sure to enable web services for the SAP RFC service than OneCloud needs to interact with

Connection Example

The following is an example of a working connection. Please substitute your own values.

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