The OneCloud JDBC BizApp enables OneCloud to integrate with any system that supports JDBC. This BizApp provides flexibility to add connection options that extend beyond the database-specific BizApps that OneCloud currently provides.

Connection Setup

To enable OneCloud to interact with an external system that supports JDBC, locate and provide your own JDBC driver and upload the required JDBC files as Connection Resources. Navigate to the Connection manager to create a Connection.

From here, choose OneCloud JDBC from the service drop-down, select the appropriate Runner, and use the Oracle JDBC Connection Parameters to complete the setup.

Support for Relational Databases

OneCloud provides limited support for using your own JDBC driver. OneCloud fully supports the following relational BizApps and recommends using these instead.

⚠️ This BizApp requires the installation of a Java runtime. For best system compatibility please install Java 8.

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