The OneCloud BizApp for SnapLogic provides a powerful way to connect and automate SnapLogic within OneCloud automation chains to run SnapLogic Pipelines, query run history, and get run log content for further analysis. When combined with other technologies that OneCloud supports, the possibilities truly enable a scalable, maintainable, and auditable approach to automate your enterprise.

Connection Setup

OneCloud connects to SnapLogic via the published REST API and does not require anything specialized except connectivity to the service. To automate SnapLogic functionality with OneCloud, you’ll need to navigate to the connection manager to create a Connection. From here, choose SnapLogic from the service drop-down, select the appropriate Runner, and use the SnapLogic Connection Parameters to complete the setup.

Connection Example

The following is an example of a working Connection. Please substitute your own values.

💡 Remember to activate the Connection for the desired Environments.

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